Author: Marlo Holloway

Dr. Anezi Uzendu

Access to AED’s ACT

  THE STORY   At the age of 25, Anezi Uzendu, MD suffered his own cardiac arrest while playing basket ball. In his own words, “due to prompt defibrillation, timely cardiopulmonary resuscitation, excellent in-hospital care, and countless prayers, I once again have the opportunity to pursue my dreams.” Below is part of the transcript of […]

BLS Classs

Health Care Provider CPR in Seattle

CPR Re-certification: How Do I Renew My CPR Card?   Have you looked at your CPR certification card recently? Every two years, the card you received at your CPR training expires. Whether you’re a layperson needing a refresher or a healthcare professional renewing for your medical license, it’s vital to keep your certification updated.    […]

Host an Onsite CPR training

We partner with Seattle  businesses to bring Onsite CPR training for their staff members and customers. Benefits When you train your staff members including supervisors, shift leads in CPR AED and First Aid it ensure that all staff members and customers have access to quick and effective First Aid attention in the event of an on onsite […]

AED maintenance

Is your AED ready to shock? AED Maintenance If you are reading this article you either have an AED or you are thinking of purchasing one.  We applaud your diligence to learn more. Just like a bottle of Tylenol expires so do the pads and battery of an AED. Expiration dates on AED pads and […]

Online CPR Training Vs. Class Room Training

Lets face it our days are busy and we are always trying to cram more into it.  Online CPR and First Aid training and Online CPR training for Health care providers are a must have training not only as a life skill but according to Washington State Administrative Code 296-800-15005 which requires that business have First-Aid […]

Staying Calm During A Crisis

Calm: adjective 1. (of a person, action, or manner) not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other emotions. “keep calm, she told herself” In case of emergency, the most important thing you can do is to stay calm. Staying calm allows you to rationally assess the situation and to best provide aid to people in […]

West Seattle businesses work together to provide CPR class opportunities

CPR/AED/First Aid Class CPR and First Aid are skills that save lives. Lil’Bug Studio and An Ounce of Prevention are proud to announce a partnership to help provide a community CPR/AED/First Aid training opportunity. Lil’Bug Studio is opening their doors and hosting a CPR/AED/First Aid class, taught by Marlo Holloway on We are also offering […]

Sharps disposal in Seattle

Safe and legal sharps disposal in Seattle By Marlo Holloway Earlier this month, the SODO BIA sponsored a community education event in conjunction with An Ounce of Prevention on the topic of Safe and legal Sharps Disposal. The class was hosted in SODO at one of our local businesses, Second Use. This training is a response […]

Choking: A Medical Emergency

Choking is defined as the inability to breathe because the trachea is blocked, constricted, or swollen shut. When a person is choking air is not reaching the lungs. Choking is a Medical Emergency If the airway cannot be cleared, the person choking will soon die. According to the National Safety Council, around 4,800 people die […]

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions can be alarming.   Reactions to food and drugs can range from mild, with hives or a rash, vomiting and diarrhea to severe and life threatening respiratory distress. Allergic reactions are the result of a chain reaction, beginning in your immune system. Your immune system keeps you healthy by fighting off infections and […]