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Author: Marlo Holloway

Stroke Prevention and Detection

What is a stroke? The American Stroke Association defines a stroke as a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. It is the #5 cause of death, and a leading cause of disability in the United States. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to the […]

Common CPR Mistakes

CPR mistakes happen every day.  You’ve completed your CPR training and you’re alert to the world around you, looking for people to help with your newfound knowledge. Suddenly without warning, an emergency arises and you need to act. Will you be able to perform your duties without any helpful reminders on the spot? Here is a […]

Recertification Reminder Program

Our Recertification Reminder Program is an exclusive perk to taking a class with An Ounce of Prevention. Here are the great benefits of our program: Enrollment in our Quarterly Newsletter We have put a lot of time, thought, and effort into our newsletter. Not only will we send you a recertification reminder, it is jam-packed with […]

Save a life

    Save a life Here is a real save a life story of someone being in the right place at the right time. This story was too good not to share with you. CPR Instructor Jennifer Brandt was teaching a CPR class, when a fellow volunteer went into cardiac Arrest. Obviously she has trained for […]

Eating for Energy

      Last week we introduced the Topic of eating for energy. Eating is important yet so many people under eat, overeat, eat the wrong things and just go around not feeling well because of it. You deserve to feel good. What you put in your body or don’t put in your body really […]

Customer shout out

We at An Ounce of Prevention just want to give a shout out to Valentine Roofing for providing their staff with first aid training and CPR training in SPANISH.  We know that it’s important for employee’s to have confidence in their abilities to help one another in the event a workplace emergency arises.  Thank you […]

March- National Nutrition Month

[frame_left] Turning over a NEW LEAF in your health is not just for January.  First launching in 1973 The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Promotes March as National Nutrition Month. Each year for the last four decades a unique theme for getting healthier is chosen and this year’s theme is BITE into a Healthy LIFESTYLE. […]

Hand-washing and EBOLA prevention

Hello Prevention readers!   #1 Question: Does everyone know that the #1 way to prevent disease transmission is to wash your hands and that 50% of the people in America don’t wash their hands after using the rest room, case in point. I went to a matinee with my husband last week… Guardians of the […]

Drop a Pumpkin, a weightloss journey

                                                                   I’m writing to all the sweet pumpkins out there.  The average weight of a pumpkin is 10-20lbs and that is exactly what you can drop by NOVEMBER 8th.  That’s right I’ ll show you what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. No exercise necessary!  I’m not sure exactly where the […]

Healthy way to spend an Autumn day

Scott and I are always looking for fun ways to create family memories that are also healthy.  I have to take my hat off to my friend Melanie who found beautiful Bellewood Farms in Bellingham, WA just a short drive from Seattle.  In no time at all we were whisked along the apple train express […]