Host an Onsite CPR training

We partner with Seattle  businesses to bring Onsite CPR training for their staff members and customers.


When you train your staff members including supervisors, shift leads in CPR AED and First Aid it ensure that all staff members and customers have access to quick and effective First Aid attention in the event of an on onsite injury.

If you invite your customers to join in on your onsite CPR AED and First Aid training it increases your value to them and also increases foot traffic through your door.

An Ounce of Prevention will become your marketing partner to promote your Onsite CPR AED First Aid class by supplying CPR promotional posters and by posting your class on our website.

Opening your Onsite CPR AED First Aid class to your customers is absolutely ideal for

  • Yoga studio’s
  • Pilates studio’s
  • Dance studio’s
  • Dental office’s
  • Day care’s


This section of the Washington many companies WAC 296-155-120 code for First Aid training.

This section of the Washington State Administrative code is designed to ensure that all employees in this state are afforded quick and effective first-aid attention in the event of an on the job injury.

This law states

(1) You must have available at all work-sites, where a crew is present, a person or persons holding a valid first-aid certificate.
(2) All crew leaders, supervisors or persons in direct charge of one or more employees must have a valid first-aid certificate.
(3) For the purposes of this section, a crew means a group of two or more employees working at any work-site.

If you would like more foot traffic in your doors and to add more value to your customers, call to find out how we can set up an Onsite CPR AED First Aid class at your location.

Call for details.

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