Online CPR Training Vs. Class Room Training

Lets face it our days are busy and we are always trying to cram more into it. 

Online CPR and First Aid training and Online CPR training for Health care providers are a must have training not only as a life skill but according to Washington State Administrative Code 296-800-15005 which requires that business have First-Aid trained personnel available to provide quick and effective first aid.  

Here are just a few benefits of taking your cpr training online.

  • Better Retention– Take your retention from 10% up to 70% when you take your Online CPR training. You can pause, and restart you training and even go back and review later on.
  • Online CPR training is Immediately Available. You no longer have to wait to get into a class, you can just take it online.
  • Convenience– E training allows you to learn from home or work twenty four hours a day.
  • Flexibility of hours- You decide when it is convenient to complete your Online CPR course. You can stop and save your place in the course and begin where you left off at a later time.


Online CPR Training Vs. Class Room Training

Both training is effective for participant retention of CPR skills. The online training is completed in multiple or one sitting depending on each persons preference.  The online training comes with a hands on skills evaluation with a certified instructor. 

  1. Online training  3 hours online with a 2 hour skills evaluation. (Our most sought after training)
  2. Class room style 5 hours in person classroom training. (a longer classroom time and our second most popular training)

 Training Organizations


We use the American Heart Association for Health Care Provider also know as the Heart Code BLS Course as seen here. 

We also use the American Safety and Health institute for the Online CPR and Online First Aid training as seen here.