Save a life



Save a life

Here is a real save a life story of someone being in the right place at the right time. This story was too good not to share with you. CPR Instructor Jennifer Brandt was teaching a CPR class, when a fellow volunteer went into cardiac Arrest. Obviously she has trained for this moment and she jumped into action. read the full story here:


My own experience

In 2006 I experienced a similar situation. I was teaching a CPR and First Aid class in Seattle at Korry Electronics  when one of my students went into cardiac arrest right in the middle of my class. The video was playing and I looked over and noticed that one of the students was slumped in their chair.  We moved him to the ground and with the help of another student we started CPR. Luckily Korry Electronics did have an AED in the building and after just one shock the student regained consciousness. It was an amazing experience to be able to put my training to good use to help save a life. 


Learn CPR

Please consider signing up for a CPR and First Aid class,to expand your knowledge of life threatening emergencies . we suggest every family have a member represented that is able to treat life threatening injuries and know how to preform CPR.