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LOSE WEIGHT + Feel Great… A Holistic approach

Loose Weight

I have searched and “dated” around you could say when it comes to weight loss programs emphasis on quite a bit. Never give up when you’re discouraged because you never know what great guy (nutrition program)… is waiting for you around the corner.  Please congratulate me on my marriage to Advocare. That’s right I found the guy (Nutrition Program).

I’ve been in a 10 year battle to LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off so that I can avoid type two diabetes that runs rampant in my family.  My friend Marie shared the Advocare 24 day challenge with me and I got started right way. They advertise a 10-20lbs weight loss in those three and a half weeks and our family was no exception.  I lost 13lbs, my husband lost 18lbs, my mom lost 4 pant sizes (yes in 24 days) and my nineteen year old who did it for my moral support lost 7lbs.

We were all pretty excited but I was far from done so I continued on the eating plan and now I’m down 23lb. I’m really hitting my stride and about to start the 24 day challenge again (you can do it every 90 days) and I’m inviting you all to join me.  I wonder what great success you will have as well.

In this video you will see my friend Jen explaining the 24 day challenge; 90% of your questions will be answered and it will get you ready for your getting started call with me.

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