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Healthy way to spend an Autumn day

Scott and I are always looking for fun ways to create family memories that are also healthy.  I have to take my hat off to my friend Melanie who found beautiful Bellewood Farms in Bellingham, WA just a short drive from Seattle.  In no time at all we were whisked along the apple train express (tractor pulled train) out to the orchards where the driver dropped us off by the Honey Crisps and Jonagolds.

Our Apple Orchard excursion was so special because  several family’s went  apple picking with us, for most of us it was our first time. We laughed, we picked, we ate on what has become our first annual DAY of the APPLES.

 I have never tasted apple’s so crisp, so jucy and completely untouched by corporate sweat, this was not your grocery story apple!  So why does An Ounce of Prevention blog post about apples, aren’t you a CPR and First Aid training company?

Great question, actually every bit of good nutrition you put in your body is one way to keep you away from an Ambulance ride and on this side of  countless medical issues.

Autumn is a beautiful time to get out and walk through an orchard, eat from a tree and  make lasting memories.  So we have hit three topics of better health NUTRITION, EXERCISE and STRESS RELIEF, thank you friends old and new, Bellewood see you next year!

by: Marlo Holloway