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Philips AED's

Shop Philips AEDs and Defibrillators at our AED Superstore, the world’s largest most trusted AED source – low prices

We carry a full line of Philips AED’s and make recommendations based upon the size and location of your business.

With so many AED’s to choose from why start here?

Here is a list of the complimentary services we offer our  clients.

  • A consult and walk through for device placement.
  • A renewal program.
  • Device registration that is in accordance with local County policies.
  •  Adult Pads
  • Battery
  •  8-year warranty
  •  First Response Kit
  • AED Inspection Tag
  • Above all Training on the Unit

We ship to anywhere in the United States.

Why buy a Philips AED’s?

They are still Small and lightweight.

Then the electrode pads come pre connected.

The Philips HeartStart family of AED’s are the most popular in the world.

The  AED is a portable, lightweight, over-the-counter, and easy to use.

Its voice prompt system even has an “on-demand” CPR coaching so that help is on hand.

Philips recognizes the importance of delivering life-saving shocks to patients quickly and efficiently.

It takes only nine seconds to deliver a shock, in fact the next closest competitor takes 20 seconds to deliver a shock.

We offer all of the accessories available for your AED including cases, cabinets, and training items.

In fact Philips AED’s come with an 8-year factory warranty and a 4-year battery warranty.

In other words, buying your new AED is easy and affordable.

Call to order your OnSite today or to schedule a free consult 206 790-0743.



Spencer Hamilton, a senior at Randleman High School, was stocking the bread at the grocery store where he worked when a customer asked him if he saw a lady that had passed out. The manager then called the employees to the front and asked if anyone knew CPR. Spencer had been trained in CPR two months earlier in his Health Occupation Science Class and said he knew CPR. He immediately started doing CPR and at first, he didn’t think it was working. Then after a couple of minutes, the lady started coughing and came back to consciousness. EMS arrived immediately after and took her to the hospital. Spencer now feels relieved and it makes him feel good he was able to help this woman.

Spencer believes people should learn CPR because you never know when you are going to need it. For him, it was just a normal day at work and then he needed it.

Diana Graves, a nurse that helped teach the Health Occupation Science class when he learned CPR, is very proud Spencer was able to help this woman.

This CPR Week, take a moment to learn how our CPR in Schools initiative is an integral part of saving more lives and increasing bystander CPR across all our communities. As our young men and women are stepping up to learn Hands-Only CPR, we encourage you to do the same. Take a minute to learn Hands-Only CPR at

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